6 Weeks to Change How You 

price For Good!

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You started your business... 

to help others,

to change lives,
to express your unique expertise, talents, and vision.

You deserve to make a great living, to be

recommended for your gifts,  and

to get paid.

Problem is people ask you, What do you charge?

And you freeze.

You balk.

You price low to avoid the NO,

Creating a hamster-wheel of Hustle.

Pricing your offers and services well is a learnable skill.

Come hone your own ability to price right in the Pricing Ninja DOJO.

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    Pricing Ninja DOJO is your on-line training ground to develop your very own Ninja-level pricing skills in the company of business owners just like you. 
  • The DOJO group experience will teach you to Ninja your very own prices, slicing through the obstacles that are holding you back. It will change how you price forever.

So you can say YES to ease in your schedule, profit in your business, cash-dollars in your bank account, moneys in your pocket. Yessssss.

Pricing Ninja is a group program designed to take you on a deep dive into your existing business and help you create a holistic, coherent business

model containing your right products at your right prices for your right clients, while building a support structure around you to help you practice and hone your newfound skills.

Here’s how things go down in the DOJO:


1. Getting Started: Digging Into Your Current Pricing Mentality.

2. Getting Real: Your Financial State of the Union.

3. Knowing Your BMI

4. Pricing Mechanics I: Pricing That New Offer, Re-Pricing An Existing Offer

5. Pricing Mechanics II: Advanced Pricing Topics

6. Putting It Back Together: Your Business Super-Model

 Laura Wagner 

"My decision to work with Ariane was one of the most significant and transformative decisions I've made in the four years I've spent building my coaching business.  

She's this strategic, tactical, angel-power pricing warrior and our work together gave me a sense of clarity and alignment about my business that was completely new and refreshing to me.  

Most importantly, the work we did together didn't just impact the bottom line of my business (I made $25K when I launched my signature program the month after our sessions); it was a major paradigm shift around my personal economy and earning power that will impact my business and my family for years, if not generations."

 Johanna Beyer

"Before my pricing session with Ariane, I thought I could figure it out on my own because that is what I have done the whole time. But I realized that with my different offerings and things changing, it was time to get another perspective. What I found powerful is that it focused me on the numbers in a new way. It was like shining a light on it all.

I would highly recommend this pricing session to others who are ready to OWN the worth of their services in new ways. Ariane provides the perfect mix of CFO knowledge and gentle/wise council to help business owners get to the next level!"

Ariane Trélaün, Pricing Ninja & Business Witch at Do Your Thing  

Ariane launched Pricing Ninja as a one-on-one coaching offering in early 2016 after seeing how often pricing was a core issue holding entrepreneurs back from having the success, and ease, they craved. Since then, she has repeatedly seen how her methodical approach to pricing has positively impacted her clients, empowering them to both charge more and earn more. As a numbers-based business coach, Ariane is, as one grateful client put it, “the quiet and necessary truth,” helping owners get real about their business numbers.

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